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Special Education: Top Apps for Iphone/Ipad

Research shows that school-age children with learning disabilities can benefit greatly from technology supports that allow them to hear what they are reading and to dictate their thoughts in writing.

apps-image-300x300These supports help reduce decoding errors that can lead to misunderstanding of reading material and allow children with dyslexia, for example, an opportunity to get their thoughts down on “paper” without having to worry in a first draft about spelling or organization, which often present a challenge.

Even if you do not own or have access to a smartphone or Ipad, new applications are being developed every day that can greatly help children with dyslexia and may be written in as part of a school plan to ensure your child is getting as many supports as possible.  Look at the two lists below, compiled by EdTech Associates and Eric Sailers, as a jump start to learning what apps are available now:



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