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New Mexico School Grades

The NM Dept of Education has a new feature that allows parents to search for schools in their area that are performing best in academic instruction, student development, and family satisfaction ratings.  Under the tab for “Opportunity to Learn”, you can also see how the school is rated in working with Special Education students.


Monitor Your Child’s Technology Time

I meet with many parents who have children and teenagers who are unsure of where to go to find information about the age-appropriateness of the video games and other technology their children use.  Common Sense Media is a nonprofit organization that provides age-level ratings and reviews by experts to help parents make more informed decisions about what their children are consuming.


Teens and Young Adults with Dyslexia

Older teens and young adults with undiagnosed dyslexia have higher rates of school dropout but, in many cases, appropriate help can often still make a big difference to their academic and career achievement.   Please see the nonprofit International Dylsexia Association website www.interdys.org for more information.   PACES New Mexico can provide evaluation services for older teens and young adults to help identify dyslexia and appropriate interventions.